That’s me acting a fool

I’m Not Normal

I’m a Designer. A New Jersey-bred geek with an affinity for Star Wars, anything outdoors with my little pupper, and what some would call a tenacious drive for excellence.

I’m a designer

Where I’ve been

I was born in Maryland but raised in Jersey. And the following is cliché but true. Ever so true. I’ve dug ditches, cut down trees, along with all sorts of labor intensive jobs, you name it in the restaurant business and I’ve done it. I've been in near-death accidents; gotten too many stitches to remember how many — all the way down to stubbing my freakin’ toe in the middle of the night. All this has really given me a new & unique perspective. Whether in personal matters, or in my job, the same things hold true. What is the problem? And how do I solve that problem?

What I’m doing

I'm lucky enough to work with some of the most creative and driven people in the world. I moved out to San Francsico in February of 2011 to take a position with CBS Interactive , on their business focused brands — BNET and CBS MoneyWatch . This was a great opportunity for me considering I had been in the field for 4+ years working mainly in the print genre. So…when I was offered a move to CNET in July of 2011 I jumped at that opportunity. Now, almost four years later, I'm currently Art Director at CNET, managing a small but extremely agile & dedicated team responsible for the look & feel of the world's most iconic online tech resource. Constantly creating solutions that are scalable across multiple use-cases and pagetypes.

What I hope to do

Change the world! Talk about cliché. Seriously though…I hope to be the best designer & husband I can possibly be. Everyday is a chance at improvement. There's no reason we shouldn't be taking that opportunity we have been given. And to start with…I owe some peeps. A lot. That is a gross understatement in reality. So my only plan is to get better. Personally & professionally. I will be better. Every day.

In San Francisco

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